The most ambitious recommendation in the plan, capping I-95 with a large civic space to connect the city with the waterfront, is moving forward with additional design and dedicated funding.

The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) completed a master planning effort for over six miles of Philadelphia’s central Delaware River waterfront between Allegheny and Oregon Avenues.  HFA managed the public outreach and involvement effort as a subconsultant on the Cooper, Robertson & Partners Project Team. In collaboration with the DRWC’s project manager, as well as the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, HFA completed stakeholder interviews, conducted several focus group meetings to secure input from specific stakeholder groups, designed and facilitated neighborhood workshops, and assisted with the planning of three large-scale, citywide public meetings that presented updates about the Master Plan’s objectives, findings, and recommendations. The variety of engagement opportunities targeted to different audiences promoted participation across a broad spectrum.  Structured, interactive workshops supported detailed constructive input by neighborhood residents.  A series of focus groups allowed DRWC to address issues and concerns of specific stakeholder groups.  

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) unanimously adopted the Master Plan for the Central Delaware Waterfront in its entirety, and it was awarded the Institutional Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design by the American Institute of Architects.