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Cool Spring Reservoir Facilitation,
Wilmington, DE

HFA provides public involvement and historic preservation services to the City of Wilmington in its effort to replace an open-air reservoir with a sealed tank. HFA's public involvement efforts extend through three phases:
(1)   Stakeholder Analysis and Issue Identification - HFA conducted interviews with a wide range of stakeholders to understand the issues and identify potential participants in the design process.
(2)   Planning and Design of Surface Improvements - HFA is managing a Working Group whose primary goal is to advise the City on design guidelines for the surface improvements. The City is sponsoring a Design Competition to solicit ideas from landscape designers. The Working Group will review the submissions, develop a workshop for the surrounding community to provide input, and formulate a recommendation for the Architectural and Engineering Review Board to consider in its choice of designer. In addition to facilitating the Working Group, HFA is drafted the Request for Qualifications and Invitation to Participate in the Design Competition and managed the Design Competition Process.
(3)   Construction Management - The Working Group will continue its role as liaison to the City throughout the construction process due to the potentially disruptive impacts of heavy construction in this primarily residential neighborhood.
Because the reservoir served the city since 1877, HFA is also facilitating the historic preservation aspects of this project. HFA facilitated the negotiation of a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Wilmington and the State Historic Preservation Officer of Delaware. As a result of that process, HFA is preparing a cultural resource documentation report for the Reservoir and neighboring Gatehouse structure. In addition, HFA is supervising the industrial archaeologist in their efforts to document the Gatehouse equipment for inclusion in the final report.
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